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About us

TouchPoint Research offer the possibility for companies to better understand their customers with a smarter method for collecting customer feedback.


Conventional customer surveys generate a snapshot of the customers opinion. Days or weeks later the snapshot is outdated. Since the collection of customer feedback is expensive it is also rarely done. Leaving companies fumbling in the dark when making important decisions. Now we are challenging the large traditional customer survey industry with a cheaper, quicker and more fun survey method. With the TouchPoint-method you can build your survey in the morning and analyze your collected data the same night. Measure the customer experience, your service level, assortment or atmosphere, right at the point of contact. We know that you need quicker everyday feedback to optimize your business.

The team

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Carin Lundén


Carin has twelve years experience of working with statistics, customer behavior and marketing resarch. She has a Master of Statistics from The Univeristy of Stockholm and a graduate certificate in Marketing from QUT Australia.

Tel: +46 708-799 179 | Email me

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Fredrik Karlsson

Sales Manager

Fredrik has six years experience of working with IT within hosting and cloud services at one of Swedens biggest hosting partners. He also has experience of client & product replenishment.

Tel: +46 76-115 86 27 | Email me

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Linus Axelsson


Linus has worked within telecom and retail for ten years. He most recently came from a position as head of IT in a medium sized European Company.

Tel: +46 709-305 300 | Email me

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Mårten Nygren

Admin & Customer service

Mårten has been working with sales and marketing in Telecom for nine years. He has a Master in Economics and Business administration from the University of Stockholm.

Tel: +46 708-799 177 | Email me

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Arefin Basher


Arefin has been working as a consultant within IT – development for seven years. He holds a M.Sc in product development från the Royal institute of Technology and a Bachelor in Economics and Business administration from the University of Stockholm.

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Employee survey that gives you insight and commitment!

Quicksearch has conducted surveys for 20 years, both of employees and customers. In these areas they are experts regarding methods, statistics and analysis.