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"The TouchPoint method is quick, easy and cost-effective"
Emanuel Vaz - Head of Customer insight
Telenor Sweden

Capio Primary Care

Capio offer a wide range of high quality services within, medicin, surgery and psychiatric healthcare.

In Sweden Capio run one emergency hospital, two local hospitals, 30 centers for somatic specialist care, 18 centers for psychiatric specialist care and 77 centers for primary care. Capio also run a number of centers within the centers for primary care. Such as Midwife, nursing and rehabilitation centers.

Capio has equipped the majority of the centers for primary care with TouchPoint-customer survey units. Customers of the centers for primary care answer questions about their visit on the daily basis. Capio carefully monitors the result and work continuously to improve the quality of their service. The large number of respondents give a good base for a weekly follow up.
The result for each center is also presented in the public quality report that is published 4 times annually.

” We use the TouchPoint-customer survey to measure the quality of our service at our Centers for primary care. The method gives us the oppurtunity to measure the customer experience on a daily basis, which is a great support for our work to continously improve our service.

Eva Westerman, Head of customer Quality, Capio primary care

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Praktikertjänst Röntgen AB

Praktikertjänst Röntgen AB is one of the largest private diagnostic radiology companies in Sweden. With nine centers in Stockholm and one in Malmö, Västerås and Uppsala.

Praktikertjänst Röntgen AB offer cost-effective radiology diagnostics of top quality for the benefit of both patients and the referring organization. Medicinsk Röntgen is a part of the Praktikertjänst group which is the largest organization within private dental care and healthcare in Sweden.

"By replacing our paper surveys with the TouchPoint method we receive feedback from our patients faster. We also avoid a lot of paperwork and are able to spend more time with our patients."

- Rolf Franklind, Head of Marketing

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Coop is one of Swedens largest grocery chains and a part of the KF Group. Coop Butiker & Stormarknader AB is a daughter company within the KF-group. The company runs five grocery chains and the additional web-shop

Our journey with Coop Butiker & Stormarknader AB started in April 2013. The main purpose was to provide Coop with a fast mean of collecting feedback for the improvement of various parts of the daily service. Mostly with the aim to improve the service level and assortment.
The everyday collection of customer feedback give Coop insights that otherwise would take months to collect and process. Today Coop receive the data in realtime.

"The activity level is high in the Coop stores. The TouchPoint-survey units give us customer feedback right away witch provide us with the opportunity to take quick actions. We like that!"

- Sara Thomsen, Customer insight analyst

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Danderyd Hospital

Danderyd Hospital is one of the largest emergency medicine hospitals in Sweden. Together with the partially owned BB Stockholm it is also the largest maternity hospital in northern Europe.

Danderyd hospital use the TouchPoint survey units within several departments of the hospital. They are deployed at emergency medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, infection and intensive care.

The main purpose of doing the surveys are to maintain a high quality service on a day to day basis. By collecting direct feedback from the customers Danderyd hospital monitor the customer experience every day. The surveys have on occasion been used to collect feedback from the staff. Mainly to monitor the well being of the personnel but also to improve internal processes.

"The advantage with the TouchPoint method is that we are able to quickly identify issues that we need to address. The system can also be used to monitor the well being of the co-workers. We can for example quickly and easily ask the staff on their opinion on a new schedule.

Stefan Olsson - Clinic assistant Emergency department

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Bergendal Meetings

Bergendal is situated in a unique location featuring a beautiful view over Edsviken bay—a world apart, yet only 20 minutes away from Stockholm and Arlanda, an atmosphere for inspirational and efficient meetings, as well as for rest and relaxation.

The manor house at Bergendal merges with modern architecture, creating a contrasting environment which is suited for everything from business conferences to wedding receptions. With 117 guest rooms, 25 conference rooms and a restaurant with a panoramic view of the lake.

In our relatively large compound, with a lot of quests moving about from early morning until late evenings, the Touchpoint-units are the optimal survey tool. It allows us to monitor the quality of the customer experience in real time and to quickly respond to unwanted deviations.

-Michel Rizk, Hotel manager Bergendal

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