“Our yearly employee survey measure the well being of our staff” The survey emanates into action plans depending on the employees feedback. With Touchpoint we also track the satisfaction daily and can see how it develops over time. That gives us a better picture of the day to day well being of our staff.



Kungsleden collect the employee feedback with a deeply penetrating e-mail survey focusing on, satisfaction, work environment and management. We at Touchpoint manage the entire process from data collection to analysis and presentation of result.

By using the Touchpoint Webpoint survey the employees are offered the possibility to answer questions  about their workday on the intranet.

Management follow how the work satisfaction amongst the staff evolve and are able to act quickly if there is a negative development.

About the customer

Kungsleden is a long term property-owner that provides attractive, functional premises that enrich people’s working days. We create value by owning, managing and developing offices and other commercial properties in Stockholm and Sweden’s other growth regions.