”We’re using Touchpoint-surveys to measure quality internally towards our patients. Their method gives us opportunity to follow the progress of our complete patient-experince every day – which is a necessary support in our improvement process.”



Capio has equipped more than 100 of their health clinics and specialist clinics with Touchpoints survey units.

They gather patient feedback every day regarding daily visits, information and service. Every clinic closely monitor their results and continuously strive to improve their business. Twice a year Capio publishes their public quality-report where the improvements gathered from their Touchpoint survey units is highlighted.

About the customer

Capio AB

Capios hospitals, specialist clinics and health clinics Capio offer a high quality health service within medicin, surgery and psychiatry.

In Sweden, Capio manage one emergency hospital, two general hospitals, 30 specialist clinics, 18 psychiatric wards and 77 health clinics.

Website: www.capio.se