“We collect feedback from our employees everyday and ask questions about their daily work, everything from the work environment to how they liked the christmas lunch! The information is very valuable for me as manager because i quickly receive information about how i can improve the workplace and make the employees happier.”



KappAhl use Touchpoint survey units to collect employee feedback from the large distribution center in Mölndal, Gothenburg.

It is a great advantage to use Touchpoint survey units since the majority of the employees doesn’t work from a computer. Thus the employees can easily give their feedback without needing a computer or a cellphone.

About the customer

KappAhl is a Swedish, international apparel chain based in Mölndal outside of Gothenburg. The company has about 400 stores and approximately 4000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. KappAhls business idea is: affordable fashion for everyone, women, men and children with a focus on middle aged women.

Read more at: www.kappahl.se