Danderyds sjukhus använder Touchpoint patientfeedback

“The advantage with the Touchpoint method is that we are able to quickly identify issues that we need to address. The system can also be used to monitor the well being of the co-workers. We can for example quickly and easily ask the staff on their opinion on a new schedule.”


Danderyds sjukhus

Danderyd hospital use the Touchpoint survey units within several departments of the hospital. They are deployed at emergency medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, infection and intensive care.

The main purpose of doing the surveys are to maintain a high quality service on a day to day basis. By collecting direct feedback from the customers Danderyd hospital monitor the customer experience every day. The surveys have on occasion been used to collect feedback from the staff. Mainly to monitor the well being of the personnel but also to improve internal processes.

About the customer

Danderyd Hospital is one of the largest emergency medicine hospitals in Sweden. Together with the partially owned BB Stockholm it is also the largest maternity hospital in northern Europe.

Website: www.ds.se