”Touchpoint helps us to make sure our customers get a positive and inspiring experience when they visit our concept store”



Samsung concept store collect customer feedback with a Touchpoint survey unit located in the store. Everyday customers gives feedback about their shoping experience.

The collected information is crucial for maintaining a world class store with customers in focus.

About the customer

Samsung Electronics is one of the worlds largest tech companies with about 320 000 employees distributed in 80 countries. Samsung is the world leader in 60 product areas such as TVs, tablets and cellphones. 2012 Samsung became the worlds biggest company in phone distribution & their brand is ranked as one of the ten most famous brands around the world.

Samsung Nordics 2018 opened their first concept store on Kungsgatan in central Stockholm. The store was equipped with a Touchpoint unit. The unit is being used to collect customer feedback about service and satisfaction.